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Why purchase travel insurance?

When you are traveling outside Philippines, unforeseen and unfortunate things can happen. Getting into accident or needing medical assistance, being hospitalized due to serious illnesses will cost you thousands of dollars. Cancelling your planned trip due to serious sickness can mean not being able to use your purchased airline tickets and hotel accommodations paid in advance. These instances are very costly and you may not be able to pay for it right away. Having a travel insurance policy will give you peace of mind and will leave you nothing to think about but to enjoy your trip. 

Who should buy travel insurance?

Those who want to have complete peace of mind while traveling should get a travel insurance policy. Whether the trip is for business or simply exploring the world, if you feel you spent a big amount for a trip, you should insure it.  In some countries especially within the Schengen region, they require Schengen-approved travel insurance before you are given a visa. You may purchase travel insurance while you are still in the Philippines, preferrably days or weeks before your departure date so you will have time to review the policy's wordings.

What are the coverages and benefits of a travel insurance policy purchased in the Philippines?

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Generally speaking, the coverages include medical expenses during your trip, medical evacuation and repatriation, inconvenience benefits like flight delay, & baggage delay, protection of child, personal liability, and so on.

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Being hospitalized abroad is very expensive. Be worry-free while you travel and make sure you will be admitted to a hospital when needed. 


Personal accident coverage, indluded in travel insurance packages.

Getting into an accident is potentially the most miserable experience in a lifetime. A travel insurance policy can give you more reason to be worry-free. Most travel insurance in the Philippines have accident coverage as this is the most basic cover in a travel insurance policy.


Hate being delayed while you are in transit to your destination? Our travel insurance packages includes benefits for flight delay, baggage delay and trip cancellation

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