7 Benefits of travel insurance

Travel insurance, especially those available in the Philippines

are packaged insurance products with multiple benefits. Here are seven essential coverages a travel insurance policy in the Philippines have.

Medical cover 

Getting sick abroad can be a disaster. It will be a burden financially as medical cost is a lot more expensive compared to here in the Philippines. Most travel insurance available in the Philippines provides cash-less benefits for in-patient cases. In this way, you will not need to shell-out large amount of cash if you are hospitalized outside the Philippines. Being properly covered will give you peace of mind while traveling.

Accidental Death

No one wants to talks about this. But what if the plane you’re in crashes or you get into a serious accident while abroad? It is a disaster for your family. A financial benefit can help the love-ones you have left.

Travel Delay

No one likes having his flight delayed (unless your airline offers a compensation). As a benefit, insurance can give you a cash benefit, usually if delay is more than 6 hours. This should cover your meals, accommodation or necessary expenses caused by the delay. Your flight being delayed is very inconvenient, but it’s not bad being compensated because of this.


Baggage Loss

Lost personal belongings happens abroad, where you are usually unfamiliar with the places and the people in it. While most travel insurance plans cover checked-in luggages only, some plans can cover 

Personal Liability

A number of people may not see this as a necessity, but on worst cases wherein you incurred injuries to other persons or damage to their properties, you can be legally liable and these entails expenses.



Trip Cancellation or Curtailment

You may already have purchased airline tickets, hotel accommodations and tour packages which have been paid in advance. But imagine if you or your close family members become seriously sick and you have no choice but to cancel or cut-short your trip, and the airline, hotel or travel agency is unable to refund those you have paid in advance, you can reimburse these from the insurance company.



24/7 emergency & assistance hotline

These provides travel and medical assistance and other concierge services. Who wouldn’t want a virtual concierge we can contact for assistance while we are abroad? 

These coverages will give you peace of mind during your travels, so all you need to think about is how to enjoy and make the most out of your trip.
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