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Best Travel Insurance in the Philippines

These are our travel insurance recommendations for international trips

There are a number of travel insurance plans available in the Philippines. Most are re-insured, have large claims support, and has tapped a third party assistance provider. Some multi-national companies have their own emergency assistance support team. If you are looking for a comprehensive travel insurance plan, make sure it can cover medical availments due to sicknesses. Some basic travel insurance policies only cover accidents.
There are a number of plans that provide comprehensive benefits. Among our affiliated insurance companies, below are our personal picks among the travel insurance packages they bundled. These insurers have offices here in the Philippines and are backed by re-insurers abroad, having the ability to serve travelers worldwide through their 24/7 assistance partner. If you are planning to have a trip to Europe and will need to secure travel insurance for your Schengen visa application, these insurance companies are also Schengen-accredited.
Best trave insurance Philippines - Starr TraveLead


Travel Insurance by Starr International Insurance Philippines

Comprehensive travel insurance benefits

Starr International Insurance, which has presence in all continents in the world, is a specialist in travel & accident insurance plans available worldwide. Its plans in the Philippines offers wide coverages for short-term trips at an affordable cost. Starr has its own global 24/7 assistance concierge - Starr Assist

Best travel insurance Philippines - Pacific Cross Travel Safe

Travel Safe

Travel Insurance by Pacific Cross Insurance, Inc.

Wide range of Peso, Dollar and Euro plans

Previously known as Blue Cross Travel Safe, this enhanced travel insurance program offers all types of plans available for any kind of travel. A known travel  & medical insurance brand within Asia & the Pacific, Travel Safe has been one of the top-of-mind travel insurance plans for Filipinos.

Travel Shield Plus

Travel Insurance by FPG Insurance Co., Inc.

Dollar-denominated travel insurance plans

FPG Insurance, a company found in the Philippines and now has offices across Asia, offers travel insurance plans for short, long or frequent travels. FPG's version of travel insurance plans includes peso plans for domestic travels and US Dollar plans available for any international destination including the Schengen area.

Assist Card travel insurance Philippines

Assist Card

High-end travel medical insurance plans 

Dollar-denominated travel insurance plans

Assist Card has been known to provide real time medical and assistance services for worldwide travels, Assist Card has the facility to provide cash-less claims for all types of medical availments. Now owned by a global insurance leader STARR Companies, a combination of a leader in travel assistance services backed-up by a strong insurance company in STARR, Assist Card travel insurance products is a premier travel insurance plan now available in the Philippines.

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