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Travel Care Insurance is a comprehensive Personal Accident Insurance that covers medical expenses and other qualified losses incurred while traveling anywhere in the world. 

BPI/MS provides you and your family peace of mind and security from possible travel worries such as:


Death and Disablement

BPI/MS pays benefit specified in the policy schedule for accidental death 8 disablement within 90 days from the date of the accident. 


Medical Expenses

Travel Care covers for medical, surgical or hospital charges and emergency dental treatment charges incurred

as a result of accidental bodily injury, illness or death during your journey as specified in your policy schedule. 


Loss of Baggage including Delays

Pays for actual or replacernent cost of baggage due to accidental loss, theft or damage during the trip. This will also take care of your worries in case your checked-in baggage has been delayed, misdirected or rnisplaced in delivery for rnore than 8 hours from the time you arrive at your destination. 


Trip Cancellation / Curtailment

Reimburses non-refundable expenses such as airline tickets, irrevocable deposits and advance payment for accommodations if your trip is cancelled or curtailed due to unforeseen incidents. 


Missed Travel Connection

Pays benefit up to a maximum of Php10,000 for reasonable additional travel and accomrnodation costs incurred in the arrangement of alternative travel. 


Delayed Departure

This feature is an added benefit, which reimburses up to Php10,000 for incurred expenses if your flight is delayed by more than 8 hours. 


Missed Departure

Pays for additional travel expenses and accommodationcostsup to a maximum amount of Php10,000 due to failure of public transport services to departure port, airport or train station. 


Loss of Passport

Pays for reasonable costs of additional hotel, travel and communication expenses necessary in obtaining replacement for a lost passport or vlsa up to a rnaximum arnount of Php10,000. 



This added benefit would provide you a fixed amount of Php5,000 for each day that your travel is delayed due to organized industrial action or hijack. 


Rental Vehicle Excess Cover

Reimburses excess liability up to Php10,000 if you become legally liable provlded that accidental loss of damage to the vehicle was caused by collision or theft while it is in your custody. 


Additional Costs of Rental Car Return

Pays costs up to Php5,000 for car rental if you are unable to return any rental vehicle due to accident or illness. 


Extension of Period Journey

This feature is automatically FREE of charge if the journey is extended due to public transport delay or bodily injury or

sickness up to 7 days delay for the carrier 30 days delay if due to injury or illness 


Emergency Medical Evacuation

Arranges and pays for covered expenses incurred if your medical condition needs immediate transportation, from the place where you are to the nearest hospital, where appropriate medical treatment can be obtained. 


Emergency Medical Repatriation

Arranges and pays for covered expenses incurred if your medical condition needs transportation to your horne countly to obtain further medical treatment or to recover. 



Transportation of Mortal Remains

Arranges and pays for all reasonable expenses incurred for the preparation and return of your mortal remains to

your home country. 


Emergency Telephone Expenses

Pays for the telephone expenses accumulated for calling the Emergency Hotline (i.e. 91I), during accidents or illness up to a maximum amount of Php2,000. 


24-hour Worldwide Assitance 

Through BPI/MS' service provider, INTERNATIONAL SOS, BPI/MS will arrange the following emergency assistance benefits when you call the Travel Care hotline at (632) 687-8535.