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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the primary benefit of getting travel insurance?

People purchase travel insurance because of the medical coverage. If you are traveling overseas, more often than not, hospitalization costs are a lot more expensive than getting medical treatment in the Philippines. Being sick or getting injured in another country will make your finances suffer.


Besides medical coverage and accident benefits, what else do I get for having a travel insurance policy?

In addition to medical expenses, you are also covered with benefits against flight cancellations and delays, loss of baggage and personal belongings, delay of arrival of baggage & protection against personal liabilities. Further, a travel insurance policy also have a 24/7 emergency assistance included, wherein you can call anytime for emergency situations as well for generation information in your destination, interpreter referrals and other concierge services.

I am traveling to Schengen countries, do these plans have at least EUR 30,000 medical coverage, making this valid for Schengen visa?

Yes, if one of your destinations belong to the Schengen area, we will offer you a Schengen-approved travel insurance

with not lower than EUR 30,000 or equivalent currency and accredited to embassies in the Schengen region.

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Should the insurance company be accredited to the Schengen embassies? 

If traveling to the Schengen area in Europe, in addition to providing medical expenses up to 30,000 Euros and having cashless facility for emergency cases, your travel insurance should be accredited.

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How much is a Schengen travel insurance plan?

Travel insurance would depend on your duration of travel. In a number of cases, the age can also be a factor as senior citizens may have higher rate than those who are below 60 years old. To give you an idea, a 15-day travel insurance starts at around Php1,560.

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If my visa application is denied, can I cancel the travel insurance policy and refund the premium I paid? 

If your visa application is not approved, you can request for refund by sending a copy of the denial letter from the embassy. Refundable amount may vary on the type of insurance policy because there are processing / cancellation fees and taxes are non-refundable. 

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My bank provided me a free travel insurance because I purchased my airline ticket using my credit card. Is this the same as your travel insurance plans?

Travel insurance provided by credit card companies have minimal coverage. Usually, it only covers medical expenses because of accidents only. For illnesses, medical coverage may not be covered or can be minimal, and cash-less basis is not allowed thus you would need to reimburse it when you get back to the Philippines. Travel insurance plans that come free from credit card companies is not as comprehensive as the standard travel insurance program, and are not eligible for Schengen visa applications

How long does it take to receive my travel insurance policy?

Most of our travel insurance plans can be processed within one (1) working day upon submission of complete requirements. Requirements are accomplished application form, passport and payment.

How will I receive the travel insurance policy or confirmation of coverage?

Similar to your airline e-ticket, the travel insurance policy is in digital format. It can be sent via e-mail and if a printed copy is needed, it is readily printable using your own printer.


Can I ask for a printed copy of my travel insurance policy?

If you like to receive a printed copy, courier fees may apply and it can the delivery of the travel insurance policy may take 3 to 5 working days.

Does buying travel insurance require my appearance?

Your appearance is not needed. ​You may simply submit your travel insurance application requirements through e-mail or fax. You may likewise deposit the payment to our BPI or BDO bank account.

I am more comfortable speaking personally to someone in buying travel insurance. Can I apply offline instead? 

Yes, you​ may visit our current office at Room 202 Erlag Building, 102 Esteban St., Legaspi Village, Makati City. If you are planning to buy travel insurance at our office, please set an appointment to ensure there will be a travel insurance specialist that will assist you.

If I will be buying travel insurance online, what are my payment options?

We accept payment through bank deposit at BPI or BDO. 

How do I file claim?

For medical emergencies, it is advisable to contact your assistance hotline indicated in your insurance poicy immediately. Especially for cases wherein confinement are needed, your assistance provider can arrange cash-less availments so you will not need to cash-out expenses. For non medical-claims, kindly collect all evidences and proofs like irregularity reports, incident reports or police reports. All related documents including official receipts will be be submitted to the insurance company together with a filled-out claim form.

I am not in the Philippines, can I purchase a travel insurance policy through ?

We can only provide travel insurance for persons who are in the Philippines. Generally, a person should purchase a travel insurance from where he or she will be coming from.

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