Flight or Travel Delay

Not only it can be convenient, delays of departure can incur expenses for the traveler. 

You may need to purchase meals, incur costs for accommodation and transportation.

Travel delay benefit can compensate for these unexpected expenses if the delay is more than six (6) hours and has been caused by sudden outbreak of strikes, riot, civil commotion, hijacks, adverse weather or mechanical fault  of the airline.

Conditions of this benefit may vary per insurance company. Some insurers do not require to present receipts and they will readily give you a cash benefit per each 6 hours delay. Other insurance companies will require you to provide official receipts of your meals, accommodations or necessary and reasonable expenses. It is best to always read the fine print to be aware on the exact conditions of your selected travel insurance plan.

What to do if your flight go delayed?

Ask for a certification from the airline indicating the reason of delay. It must contain flight details and the passenger/s affected. At times, this is being referred to as an irregularity report. Airline companies should readily give this kind of document. 

This certificate will be included in the documents you will be submitting to the insurance company in filing a flight delay clain.

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