Travel Medical Insurance

While we are abroad, we do not know if and when illnesses arise or accidents happen. Especially outside the Philippines where medical availments are very expensive, we may be left with a long list of charges in the foreign hospital and your bill may even reach millions of pesos. It is vital to check if your travel insurance policy has Medical Expense coverage to ensure you are properly protected in times of accidents and illnesses. In times wherein no adequate medical treatment available, you would need to be evacuated to another location for treatment, and this adds up to the costs of your medical care. Travel insurance policies that include Medical Evacuation can arrange for means to evacuate you to another location for treatment or return you to the Philippines. A travel insurance policy with these medical benefits can compensate for high medical costs overseas, giving you no burden in terms of spending thousands of dollars for medical treatment in a foreign territory.

There are a various travel insurance plans in the Philippines that provides medical coverage from Php 500,000 up to Php 2,500,000. For US Dollar policies, there are medical expense benefits from US$ 20,000 up to US$ 250,000.

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